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Approved Radio Accounting Authorities

If you are interested to become one of the San Marino Radio Accounting Authority, have a look to the Policy Letter below which explains the procedures required by the Republic of San Marino and sets the the criteria for approving maritime mobile and maritime mobile satellite services radio Accounting Authorities.
This Notice applies to all San Marino flag vessels equipped with ship radio stations having apparatus whose traffic generates accounts and to all entities requesting approval or approved as an Accounting Authority.

SMPL – 2023-TEC-005

Radio Accounting Authorities procedures for approving

REV 00
Date: May 19, 2023

The International Telecommunication Union (“ITU”) Convention currently in force provides for Accounting Authorities to settle maritime radio communication accounts for ships licensed by the Administration.
It is mandatory that all international maritime radio traffic charges for radio communication from ship to shore, both terrestrial and satellite, shall be settled by an approved Accounting Authority which has the legal contract with the owner of the vessel.
The list of current Accounting Authorities approved by San Marino is available in the ITU online database at the following address, in the San Marino section: