Main advantages of san marino ship registration

San Marino Ship Register’s work is in line with the International Maritime Organisation’s mission statement:

  • Safe

Operates by the highest standards of compliance with national and international regulations for the safety of navigation.

  • Secure

Is constantly up to date with current discourse around the highest security standards, and the arising threats linked to cyber security.

  • Sustainable

Fosters environmental protection and innovation towards higher sustainability in the maritime industry.


Some of the advantages of flying the San Marino flag:

  • No additional requirements are posed at the national level to the standards set by the international conventions.
  • The procedures to verify compliance are efficient, fast, and thorough.
  • Paperwork and bureaucracy are reduced to the minimum necessary to satisfy international requirements.
  • A small national government and open registry allow for flexibility and tailored customer service.
  • San Marino allows for commercial registration without differentiating between charter with and without crew.
  • San Marino allows vessels in private use to be temporarily engaged in trade for a period up to 90 days.
  • San Marino allows for commercial registration to be temporarily suspended in order to switch to private use, with a simple online procedure.


San Marino Ship Register is


San Marino offers advantageous taxation systems and competitive pricing tailored to different target customers.

Discount regimes can be applied to large fleets, target countries, or based on vessel age.



We operate in full compliance with national and international fiscal regulations and cooperate fully with the competent authorities.

San Marino is a white flag and the registry envisages limited inspections of its vessels by port state control.

White flags are generally viewed in a favourable light by third parties such as insurance companies or RightShip.

San Marino has no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of owners or seafarers.



We offer efficient and simple solutions for registration and compliance.

  • Registration can be completed online or via email.
  • Once all documents have been submitted, and an initial inspection carried out, Certificate of Registry and other flag certificates can be issued in 48 hours.
  • Digital electronic certificates allow for quick delivery times, with fewer burdens linked to original paper certificates delivered to ports.
  • Seafarer endorsements also have a 48-hour response time. A letter of acknowledgement is issued to seafarers until the full verification and endorsement process is completed.
  • Seafarer discharge procedures are kept to a minimum: a discharge letter by the captain is sufficient, as San Marino does not require seafarers’ discharge books.



We guarantee digital access to documentation and information.

Digital certificates with electronic signatures ensure limited paperwork and delivery times and can be quickly verified online on the website in the “online services” section.

San Marino generally does not require original or notarised documentation to be delivered via post.



We respond to customers’ needs and value flexibility for a solution-oriented service.



We offer global 24h support and strive toward a quality customer service with quick response times.



We benefit from a global network of partners and associates for local market and client access.