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Yacht registration application procedure

San Marino Yacht registration application procedure

Persons or companies not resident in San Marino who want to register their yacht must appoint a “Resident Agent” in San Marino.
Possible Resident Agents are listed here:
The procedure consists in the signature of the relevant form (Form 02 as detailed below).
The deal with the resident agent is direct between the owner and the resident agent itself.

For persons and companies resident in San Marino, the appointment of a resident agent and related form 2 are not required.

Application form, resident agent appointment form, and ship radio station licence application, filled out in all their sections and accompanied by all required supporting documents shall be submitted as follows:

  • Vessel name (and IMO number where available) in the e-mail subject;
  • The complete documentation attached in a single e-mail;
  • All documents, in particular application forms 01, 02, and 03, submitted in separate .pdf files: one document per file, renamed with each document name;
  • All forms and supporting documents must be filled out in their entirety, with full names of signatories, dates, and signatures (the application forms are editable .pdf files, to be filled out electronically);
  • Complete company and UBO documentation, and company register extract (not older than six months) shall be submitted with the application, and authenticated where required;
  • All sections concerning vessel specifics and equipment details must be filled out in their entirety;
  • A deletion certificate from the previous flag is required to proceed with registration; a copy of the application to delete as well as an open transcript/non-encumbrance certificate, may be accepted by the Administration as an alternative;
  • A copy of all survey reports and statutory certificates (or, where applicable, a self-assessment form or a CE certificate not older than one year) shall be submitted with the application to register.

Incomplete applications shall not be proceeded with.

Applications to register which fulfil the requirements will receive a proforma invoice for the payment of the registration fees.
The registration will be processed once the registration fees have been settled.
Additional supporting documents or further clarifications may be requested by the Administration during the registration process where necessary.
Documents in languages other than the Registry’s working languages (ENG-ITA), shall be submitted in translation by a certified translator with stamp, including any notary declarations or stamps not in English or Italian.

Please feel free to contact us at for further details or clarifications.

San Marino Ship Register – Registration team,

Checklist of supporting documents for the registration of pleasure or commercial yachts

Ownership details – the owner is an individual or company not resident in San Marino
i) Extract from the company register (listing all officers, directors, shareholders, UBO) which is not older than six months, appointment of a San Marino Resident Agent (form 02), passports of applicants; or
ii) Passport of all applicants, appointment of a San Marino Resident Agent (form 02);

the owner is an individual or company resident in San Marino
i) San Marino ID; or
ii) San Marino Chamber of Commerce registration and passports of applicants

☐ Application for registration form 01
☐ Application for appointment of a San Marino Resident form 02 (if not individual or Company resident in SM)
☐ Application for Ship Radio Station Licence form 03
☐ Builder’s certificate or bill of sale, as applicable (in translation if not in one of the working languages of the registry EN-IT) – in alternative, an authenticated declaration of ownership
☐ Deletion certificate/closed transcript from the previous flag
☐ Power of Attorney, where applicable
☐ Previous International Tonnage Certificate, where applicable
☐ Any mortgage deeds or other encumbrances against the vessel
☐ Charter Agreement (demise charter out)
☐ Copy of suspension or letter of approval by the underlying flag (demise charter in)

Protocol n. SMBU – 2021-002

San Marino Ship Register – Form 01 – Application for registration

REV 02
Date: February 23, 2023

Protocol n. SMBU – 2021-003

San Marino Ship Register – Form 02 – Appointment of San Marino Resident Agent

REV 00
Date: June 8, 2021

Protocol n. SMBU – 2021-004

San Marino Ship Register – Form 03 – Application for Ship Radio Station Licence

REV 00
Date: June 8, 2021

An initial inspection for safety and statutory certification is required.

For units below 24m in Load Line length, the initial inspection can be carried out by an authorised surveyor, or by an authorised RO.
For units in private use only, the inspection can be replaced by a self-assessment via form SA-04-SYSC, or by a CE certificate not older than one year from the date of registration.

For all units equal or above 24m in Load Line length.
The inspection can be carried out by San Marino authorised surveyors or RO for vessels in private use up to 300GT.
Certification for commercial use 24m LL or more shall be carried out by a San Marino authorised RO.


Documents which are not in one of the registry’s working languages (English and Italian), require a translation made by a certified translator, including declarations and authentications made by notaries which are in languages other than English or Italian.

For more info, please contact or download the document