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Minimum Requirements for Authorised Surveyors in performing inspections and surveys on board Flag’s State ships

According to the main Maritime International Conventions, the Administration may entrust the inspections and surveys on board ships to Surveyors nominated for the purpose as “Authorised Surveyor”.

For this reason, the SM MNA – San Marino Maritime Navigation Authority – has established the following profiles and the standard professional capacities for those technical marine specialists eligible to be appointed as “Authorised Surveyor”.

The Authorised Surveyors must have:

  1. Appropriate theoretical knowledge and practical experience of ships and their operation. They must be competent in the enforcement of the requirements of
  2. Maritime International Conventions and the relevant ISO standard rules finalised to perform the ship’s certification process.
  3. Completed a minimum of one year service as marine technical surveyor dealing with surveys and certifications in accordance with the Conventions and/or marine ISO standards.
  4. The ability to communicate orally and in writing with seafarers in maritime English.
  5. Appropriate qualification from a marine or nautical institution and relevant seagoing experience as a certificated ship officer holding or having held a valid illimited STCW II/2 (deck department) or III/2 (engine department). In this context, they shall:
  • have a maritime experience of at least 5 years, including periods served at sea as deck officers or engine officer; or
  • passed an examination recognised by the national competent Authority as a naval architect, mechanical engineer or an engineer related to the maritime fields and worked in that capacity for at least five years; or
  • a relevant university degree or equivalent and have gained a properly training as ship safety surveyors and have got experience for at least five years in marine surveying.

The Authorised Surveyors are empowered by the Administration to:

  • Require repairs to a ship, if necessary.
  • Promptly inform the Administration if a ship is not able to sail for further technical considerations.

To demonstrate the professional experiences and technical knowledge in maritime field, the Surveyors shall forward the Curriculum vitae and any additional documentary evidence to prove the aforesaid requirements to the SM MNA at the following e-mail:

Following a proper evaluation of the said documentary evidence, the SM MNA will proceed to authorise them. The authorisation will be confirmed every year by an information note.

SMPL – 2021-TEC-004

Minimum Requirements for Authorised Surveyors

REV 03
Date: March 23, 2023