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Checklist for the request of an STCW endorsement by the San Marino Flag Administration

In order to proceed with the endorsement by San Marino of an STCW title, issued by an Administration in the STCW white list, the following documents shall be submitted in a single email per seafarer, in separate .jpeg or .pdf files:

  1. Copy of passport of applicant
  2. Copy of the CoC to be endorsed
  3. Valid medical certificate, issued by an authorised professional (according to the regulations of the CoC-issuing country)
    In addition (this information will be used to issue the endorsement):
  4. One photograph of the seafarer in .jpeg format
  5. A .jpeg image of the seafarer’s signature

The following data of the seafarer will also be necessary to issue the endorsement:
i) Address
ii) Email address
iii) Telephone number
iv) Employer’s details
v) Identifiers of the vessel

Applications shall be submitted to:

  2. and in cc for confirmation by the registration department.

Please contact San Marino Ship Register at and in case of any questions or clarifications.