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Small Yacht Code

Application The San Marino Small Yacht Safety Code applies to motor or sailing yachts of less than 24 metres in load line length, which at the time of registration are engaged in navigation, do not carry more than 12 passengers, and do not carry any cargo.
The code applies to all motor or sailing yachts engaged in trade (in commercial use). Moreover, compliance with the code is also required, as far as practicable and reasonable, on pleasure yachts not engaged in trade (in private use). The Code applies to both monohull and multihull yachts. Excluded are vessels to which either the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft or the Code of Safety for Dynamically Supported Craft is applicable. Motor yachts provided with sailing rigs for which they are categorized as a sailing yacht, must refer to the sections of the Code specific to sailing yachts. Sail-assisted motor yachts with a significant sailing rig may also refer to the sections in the code relating to sailing yachts. The Code is effective from 1st January 2021. As per Art. 77 of Law n.120 of 2 August 2019 (transitory dispositions), pleasure yachts registered with San Marino before the entry into force of the Code, shall refer to existing legislation until the new regulations are applicable. Alternative arrangements for existing yachts that do not fully comply or meet the requirements defined by this Code, must be agreed with the Administration.

Protocol n. SMPL – 2021-TEC-006

Small Yacht Safety Code < 24 meters in Load Line length

REV 00
Date: May 17, 2021